Sitting in front of a roaring fire as the rain falls outside creates the perfect ambience for a day off to just relax.

All eyes are naturally drawn to a warm, cozy fire in the fireplace of any room. It has a commanding presence. Naturally, homeowners want the fireplace and its surrounding elements to reflect the decor of their home. Many older homes have large red brick fireplaces from the 80’s and 90’s that cover an entire wall and can seem to be a harsh contrast and really date the room. If you own an older home, or are simply looking for a change, you may wish to update the fireplace and surrounding wall to better reflect your personal taste and style. As with most remodeling projects, it is important to hire a professional to guide the process as they are experienced in the latest trends and materials. As there are many choices to choose from and a mistake realized after the project is done could be costly and stressful. At Fireplace design & Build, our team will work with you and your budget to create your vision while providing a peace of mind on the successful completion of your fireplace remodel. Once your remodeling team is in place, it is time to explore different options for refacing the fireplace, mantle and fireplace surroundings.

One quick, easy, and simple way to update a fireplace with a brick surrounding wall is to simply wrap the existing brick in either wood or tile, leaving the firebox faced with exposed bricks.
Another option is to drywall or plaster over the brick surround to create a blank canvas ready for you to create your ideal ambiance. Drywall installation with an added mantle and a surrounding wall can take as little as 2-3 days. A custom mantel, extensive duct work, or electrical installation will increase the project calendar depending on the specifics desired.

Brick can also be painted. This is a less expensive option that can be changed in the future. Our knowledgeable professionals will help you determine the quality of the brick in your home and will ensure the proper paint is used.

There are also many choices when updating the surround face of the fireplace.

Below are some of the latest trends in remodeling the fireplace surround and/or Mantel:


If the style of your home is more rustic or traditional a stacked stone look may be the perfect fit. It creates a nice warm feel around the fireplace and the color choices of stacked stone is endless. So if you wanted a stacked stone but lighter tones you can do a Texas Stone instead of the darker brown tones.


Tile has become very popular especially in the last 5 years with the trends shifting heavily to modern and transitional interiors. There are so many options and color palettes for tile that there is an option
for every style of fireplace.


Another hot trend has been the use of reclaimed wood and shiplap to wrap the fireplace and to create accent walls. It can really bring the fireplace from 1990 to 2020 real quick! It also becomes a great option considering cost if you have a tall fireplace wall and you would like to go all the way to the ceiling. The cost of Shiplap vs. Stacked Stone is a really big difference (5,000 & up difference) when you have a big canvas to cover up.


 If you are really into contemporary and clean natural surfaces and your wallet will allow it you can opt for a gorgeous slab of Marble or Granite to be custom cut and installed on your fireplace.
Pro tip: You can achieve the same look with tile for a fraction of the cost. (Will show example below)