Now let’s talk function and storage!

A custom entertainment center for around the fireplace is practical for design, spacing, storage, and function purposes. After all where are you going to put all those wires running from the tv, cable box and children video game consoles? The great thing about working with a Design & Build company like ours is our experienced designers and carpenters will work side by side with you to design the perfect entertainment center and will provide a 3D  rendering to make sure you love it before its built out. Check out some of our favorite entertainment centers below!

Now that your fireplace remodel is almost complete and looking BEAUTIFUL there is one last problem we need to tackle to put the cherry on top… Any guesses?
We need to cover up your fireplace opening that is currently a gaping hole! What separates Fireplace Design & Build from all the other remodeling companies is that we custom build our clients fireplace doors to match perfectly with their new fireplace remodel.

Unlike other companies where most of the time they don’t even offer you fireplace doors or they make you spend a day going to multiple fireplace stores trying to hunt down a fireplace door that will fit and  match…. which if you tried you know just how hard this can be. All of our doors are built in house by our team of black smiths with a combined experience of over 70 years in metal working. All of our doors are built out of the strongest sourced metal that can be used which is Wrought Iron and all come with a lifetime warranty… Yes! Lifetime Warranty!

Our designers will work side by side with you to find the perfect design to match your new fireplace remodel. We have multiple colors to choose from and the design possibilities are endless… literally.

Check out our latest transformation in one of our home shows we put together for you here..

You can also view all of our designs in our design book here..

We hope this helps shed some light on your journey to remodeling your fireplace. If you are looking to work with an experienced team of interior designers, carpenters, and contractors to help design and remodel your fireplace. Fill out our contact form or give us a call at (951)225-1032 and we will get you scheduled for a free in home consultation!